Richard Pollock


  • Raul Sanchez
  • Lorena Duron
  • Mike Giese
  • Rafael Flores
  • Jose Arrastio
  • Gloria Perez
  • Laura Zolnoski
  • Brian Connor
  • Nicole Gruber
  • Serefina Madueno
  • Seth Engel
  • Conor Medley
  • Martina Kingman
  • Karen Reese
  • Susan Hill
  • Karen Bell
  • Vyra Olson Pacheco
  • Steve Anderson
  • Juan Gonzalez
  • Maya Redding
  • Patrick Schultz
  • Lisa Weber
  • Chris Jahns
  • Valerie Schultz
  • Norm Cone
  • Margaret Madonna
  • Julie Whitmore
  • Renee West
  • Audrey Knight
  • Keyla Springe
  • Larry Mathews
  • April Garrett
  • Cheryl Wieczorek
  • Curtis Lockshaw
  • Sonja Lockshaw
  • John Crossland
  • Neeltje Crossland
  • Leslie Wyss
  • Justin Baldwin
  • Debbie Baldwin
  • Mitch Wyss
  • Larry Rechtfertig
  • Nancy Beckett
  • Mike Donovan
  • Owen And Nancy Balletto
  • Madeline Moore
  • Bob Edmonds
  • Dinah Lundbeck
  • Rich Summers
  • Ron Denner
  • Janie Alberts
  • Bill Alberts
  • Janet Halbey
  • Jim MacAllister
  • John Moss
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  • George Perham
  • Ann Perham
  • Virginia Umphrey

19 - 29 Years old

“I feel that I am exercising a lot harder and more efficiently than I would ever do without Rich Pollock. To train with a Personal Trainer is probably the best way of exercising without wasting precious time, like so many other people in the gym. I won 1st place at Justin’s Paso Robles Hard Body contest, by just training with Rich Pollock 2 days a week. When I started with Rich I could only do a 40 lb Dumbbell Bench Press 20 times. In a short time I got up to pressing 100 lbs. 30 times and I have been doing 70 lbs. 20 times on my Military dumbbell presses just to name a few. Thanks Rich for helping to educate me on health and fitness.”
– Raul Sanchez
Paso Robles, Client for Over 6 years

“At first I was intimidated by Rich Pollock. I do not speak very good English, and I have no experience with fitness training. But Rich made me feel very comfortable. He had no problems communicating with me, in what I had to do. In one month, I could see changes in my body that I have not seen before. I can hardly believe how much I can do now. I am strong, my cardio has improved greatly, I have more energy, and I feel fantastic. Working out with Rich has gave me more confidence knowing I can achieve anything, I put my mind to do. Thanks Rich for everything!”

– Lorena Duron
Paso Robles, Client for 4 years 8 months

“Rich Pollock has helped me get three to four times stronger without bulking up and without compromising on safety. I love bike riding and I need to be strong, but do not need the extra body weight. I enjoy working out with Rich because he always comes up with new and challenging exercises. I won 1st place at Paso Robles Hard Body Contest in 2009. Having Rich as my Personal Trainer makes working out a pleasure rather than a chore. I look forward to our workouts.”

– Mike Giese
San Louis Obispo, Client for 3 years

“Never doing full body strength training I really did not know where to begin. Thanks to Rich Pollock expertise he executed a full body regimen. Rich keeps my form in check and records everything I am doing so he knows when to add weight and mix up the exercise routine so I don’t plateau. In less than a month I started to see my body changing, putting on muscle and losing body fat. Having a history of anxiety, workouts help relieved most of my anxiety. Also working out with Rich Pollock my workouts has helped my confidence, my energy levels and has helped my focus at work a lot more. My peers at Justin Winery notice right away and many of my coworkers started Training with Rich Pollock. Thanks Rich Pollock for your dedication and expertise.”

– Rafael Flores
Paso Robles, Client for almost 3.5 years

“Before I started with Rich Pollock, I was going to the gym on and off for some time. My aim was to increase my fitness level. However, I was not getting the results I had hoped for. In a short time with Rich my strength increased so much in so little time I was amazed. I never thought I could lift as much as I do. I am spending less time with Rich then I did at the gym and I am getting much more results. Also I am getting a fuller body workout. He knows just what to do. I like how he mixes up his workouts. When we do the muscle burn outs, you can feel it for days. This is not for everyone. Having Rich as my Personal Trainer makes a difference.”

– Jose Arrastio
Paso Robles, Client for almost 3 years

“It has been more of an enjoyment instead of a chore. Rich Pollock has helped in a non-invasive way and has treated me with respect. My fitness levels have increased and I look forward to my next session rather than dread it. The sessions Rich does are fun, motivating and productive. We do different programs and he pushes me to my limit. Although I am always a bit wiped out at the end of a session, I feel better for having such a good workout. I am very pleased with the program he has designed for me and how he guides and pushes me throughout every session. When you’re going to work out with Rich, be prepared to sweat!!” I have now lost over 40lbs”

– Gloria Perez
Paso Robles, Client for almost 2 years

“I never worked out in my entire life until I started with Rich, just over a year ago. The most important thing that I have gained (besides awesome muscle tone!) is the confidence to get fit. I used to be too intimidated to go to a gym because I felt that I would stick out or feel out of place. Rich is kind and honest, He has helped give me the confidence and know-how to work out in any setting. In addition to achieving a more fit body, Rich’s healthy lifestyle tips, including nutrition and vitamin knowledge, have also contributed to my better all-around health. I get less sick and feel great every day. Thanks Rich!”

– Laura Zolnoski
Paso Robles, Client for over 1 year

“Over this past year, working out with Rich, I have seen great improvements in not only my strength and physique but also in my endurance level and attitude in the workplace. I have seen more progress with Rich’s unique and specialized programs than anything else I have participated in. His enthusiasm makes it exciting and addicting to continually strive to exceed my previous records. I am planning on running a marathon at the end of this year and I know that with Rich’s help I will be able to complete my goal.”

– Brian Connor
San Louis Obispo, Client for over a year

“When I first came to Rich I had no clue where to begin. Rich evaluated my personal goals and eating habits and created a special program that was customized for me. After an injury, that resulted in getting surgery on my elbow and left me with limited motion, he helped greatly in my physical therapy and range of motion that allowed me a successful recovery. Working out with Rich has made me more conscious of how I treat my body. His workouts and positive encouragement has given my body more definition than I have ever had and I feel so much better. With my wedding only 2 months away, I know I will continue to see amazing results! Thank you Rich!”

– Nicole Gruber
San Luis Obisp, Client for 5 months

30 - 49 Years old

“I was a little nervous when I first started training with Rich Pollock. I did not know what to expect, but Rich made working out fun and I did not feel intimidated working out with his other clients. In fact, I liked it. Rich says, I intimidated many of the men who first started working out. Probably because I can do 100 men’s push ups. I like doing the super circuit workout, or you can call it: ”Hour of Power”. Thanks Rich! The workouts have helped me more than just getting me into great shape.”

– Serefina Madueno
Paso Robles, Client for over 5 years

“Working out with Rich over the past few years has given me a different outlook on health and fitness. With an all encompassing program focused around muscle development and cardio health, nutrition, relaxation techniques, and stress management, Rich offers more than just “bulking up” advise. With motivation, humor and education, Rich provides an ideal environment for focusing on living a longer, more productive life. With a light hearted but serious approach, Rich pushes you to be a better, healthier person.”

– Seth Engel
Paso Robles, Client for over 5 years

“Getting and staying in shape has been much easier these past few years thanks to Rich Pollock’s guided workouts. I usually work out early and I am half-awake during most training sessions, yet I can always count on Rich to assist me in reaching my goals. Having consistent scheduled times with a personal trainer helps tremendously in getting workouts in even when your motivation might be low. Everyone I have told about Rich Pollock seems to be enjoying their one hour Personal Training session”

– Conor Medley
Paso Robles, Client for almost 3.5 years
“As a seasoned runner for the past 10 years, I have run 13 marathons, yet never had any formal upper body workout or had worked with weights before I met Rich. The gym always intimidated me. Rich talked me into training with him and I’m so glad I did. I’ve gained the strength and confidence to expand my activities to now include century bikes rides and triathlons. It used to be that after every running race I was plagued with some sort of injury – knee pain, sciatica, shin splints. I am happy to say that I have now been injury-free for almost a year and I contribute that to the weight training program Rich has put me on. He makes weight training fun and always puts me up to new challenges. Thanks for all your help Rich!”
– Martina Kingman
Paso Robles, Client for almost 2 years
“Since Starting with Rich Pollock for personal training my transformation has been dramatic. Rich has increased my motivation for training and helped me achieve a lot of personal goals. I now look forward to my sessions at his Just Fit Studio. When I started training with Rich Pollock in April of 2002, I weighed 220 lbs and could barely finish a “warm-up mile” on the treadmill. My nutrition was so out-of-whack that I threw-up during our first session. Rich Pollock has zero judgment. He just told me what to eat and how to train. I love how he incorporates cardio, free weights, cable machines, and balance exercise for a total body workout.”
– Karen Reese
Paso Robles, Client for 3 years
“I feel that I am exercising a lot harder and more efficiently than I would ever do without Rich Pollock. To train with a Personal Trainer is probably the best way of exercising without wasting precious time, like so many other people in the gym. I won 1st place at Justin’s Paso Robles Hard Body contest, by just training with Rich Pollock 2 days a week. When I started with Rich I could only do a 40 lb Dumbbell Bench Press 20 times. In a short time I got up to pressing 100 lbs. 30 times and I have been doing 70 lbs. 20 times on my Military dumbbell presses just to name a few. Thanks Rich for helping to educate me on health and fitness.”
– Susan Hill
Atascadero, Client for 3 months
“Working out with Rich Pollock has kept me on a solid fitness routine for the past year. With all of the demands of a hectic work schedule, I always had two appointments a week on the calendar where I knew I would get a great workout. The environment he sets in his studio is not intimidating and he is always encouraging and positive. Not only has my body toned up, but I’ve been surprised at how much stronger I feel outside the gym. The core and back strengthening help alleviate some back and hip issues and help me keep better posture at work. I’m also able to confidently push myself further into an active lifestyle with stronger and more resilient muscles whether I’m just walking around town, biking or playing tennis. Thanks Rich!”
– Karen Bell
Paso Robles, Client for almost a year and half
“With Rich’s positive attitude, insight to what my body needed and could handle, and hands on training for my body type and age, I began enjoying my work out sessions and the results that started to transpire. My friends also took notice to my increased stamina, physical changes and happier self that a couple even joined me in this journey with Rich. With two weeks before the big day, I not only love the way I look and feel I know I will continue this journey with Rich for years to come (especially now that I can do 63 “men’s” pushups in under a minute). The training Rich provided to me was originally for a specific goal but now by goal is much broader – being fit and healthy for life! Rich has the experience and dedication to his clients that all you need to do is bring the tools – yourself and a can do attitude – to also meet and exceed your goals whatever they may be.”
– Vyra Olson Pacheco
Paso Robles , Client for over 3 years
“I have been training with Rich Pollock now for about a year. His commitment to understanding the nature of my goal paid off in his transition of my needs into an effective training program characterized by interest and variation. He challenged me on every workout while at the same time giving me a real sense of achievement. Training has always been goal orientated, initially to improve my general fitness in order to allow me to then train harder for my first 10k race. After the race we changed training to gain more muscle mass and Rich taught me how to lift really heavy weights safely which I enjoyed more that I ever thought I would. Having a personal trainer is a great way to keep motivated as well, as they act like a coach, constantly encouraging you and pushing you to do better.”
– Steve Anderson
Paso Robles , Client for 1½ years
“I’ve been training with Rich for the last 5 months, and the results have been very positive. We work on strength training twice per week, and I include cardio sessions in between. Rich does a fantastic job at monitoring your progress, addressing any weak spots, and encouraging you to achieve your fitness goals. I feel as strong and healthy as ever, and I’m very impressed by how much we’ve accomplished in such short time!”
– Juan Gonzalez
Paso Robles, Client for over 11 months
“Having just turned 41 and always inactive, I was complaining and moaning for the first few sessions. Somehow Rich inspired me to go past what I thought I could do. He isn’t overbearing, he doesn’t make you feel wussy, more importantly he makes the session fun because he loves what he does, and it shows. I am completely different. I’m not one of the athletes he works out with, but my energy level is beyond what I thought possible and I feel firm all over and my behind is looking amazing ..due to Rich’s Gluteus exercises” and lunges . Oh, but it works so well… Thank you, Rich!”
– Maya Redding
Atascadero, Client for 6 months

“Living in Santa Maria, I have to travel an hour each way to train with Rich Pollock at his Studio.(Just Fit Studio.) But with Rich it is more than a workout. I have learned so much about nutrition and fitness. It is worth the drive. I started going to the gym a number of years ago but after an initial session with Rich, I quickly realized that I wasn’t getting the most out of it. Rich has taught me how to maximize my fitness levels, use the equipment properly (particularly the free weights) and to develop the right technique to get results. I have certainly seen a big improvement in myself in a couple of months. Rich is friendly and really encourages you to reach your goals. I would certainly recommend him. Having to move to Orange County, I can no longer see Rich.”

– Patrick Schultz
Santa Maria, Client for 6 months

“I wanted to start working with a personal trainer so that I could build my strength up to be able to start running again. I had undergone surgery on my lower back and wanted to make sure that I was exercising correctly so as not to cause any further injuries. Being very cautious, I started working with Rich Pollock around 8 months after having surgery. The initial goal was to engage my core muscles again so that I could then start building on my strength. Rich was very encouraging and I was surprised at what I was still able to do. As the sessions progressed I started to notice that I had toned up areas that I had always struggled with in the past… like my arms and the tops of my thighs.”

– Lisa Weber
San Louis Obispo, Client for over 6 months

“Working out, especially around other people, has always been something that I had avoided. When my friends approached me about working with Rich I was very nervous and avoided it for quite some time. After turning 30 and getting engaged I realized it was time to take my health more seriously. After my first workout with Rich I realized I had worried without reason. Rich was very understanding with me and made working out fun. He constantly works with me to customize the workout to help me get the most out of each session. After working out for two months, I have already doubled my strength and lost weight. I feel more energized and healthier”

– Chris Jahns
San Louis Obispo, Client for over 3 months

50 - 59 Years old

“After training with three trainers at a local gym, and being hurt each time, a friend said she is getting personal training with Rich Pollock at his Studio called: Just Fit Studio in Paso Robles. She said she has been seeing Rich Pollock for 6 months, and she kept going on and on about how good he was and how she has never been hurt. Well, it has been over 2 years, and I went from a size 26 to a size 10 and I am still losing with Rich Pollock’s expertise. He did not put me on a diet. He helped me with the nutritional plan and a routine that I can live with. Our workouts are fun and I have never been hurt. If anyone is thinking about hiring a Personal Trainer, you should definitely see Rich. He is the BEST!”

– Valerie Schultz
King City, Client for 9 years

“I was in my early 50’s, overweight, and sedentary. I was also more than a little worried about starting a fitness program with Rich Pollock. That was 2 years ago. I have since lost over 50 pounds, gained strength and feel 100 % better! I was especially concerned about working around my injury-plagued body. I have a knee replacement, periodic back problems and rotator-cuff issues. It turns out that Rich has a gift for adapting workouts to help or avoid these problem areas. As someone who played sports for much of my life, I can also say that Rich is the rare coach who can motivate his clients with positivity and support – yet keep the challenge in front of them so that my workout buddies and I are always trying to improve. I refer Rich to everyone I know that is serious about getting fit.”

– Norm Cone
Paso Robles, Client for 7 years
“I was led to Rich by an acquaintance, who I would see every few months. Each time I saw her, she had lost weight and looked great! I finally asked her, her secret. She told me she had been going to a personal trainer.”
“I knew that was something I wanted as well… look great, inside and out. Did I mention Rich is a Life Coach too? I have been working out at “Just Fit Studio” with Rich since 2012. He tailors my workouts to my needs, and is a great positive, motivator. My muscles and posture look fantastic, and my workouts are full of variety. Rich uses a holistic approach, incorporating flexibility, strength, posture, balance, endurance along with promoting a healthy eating regime. Personal training is one of the best investments I have ever made because it never stops producing results! Overall, I would recommend, Rich Pollock, to anyone who is looking to get in better shape & improve their health, at any age. Thank you, Rich, for making workouts fun and keeping me on track!”
– Margaret Madonna
Paso Robles, Client for over 4 years
“Good health is very important to me and working out with a Rich, at Just Fit Studio, definitely boosts the effort I put into training. Rich Pollock knows how to help me push myself and maximize my effort at every session. I am certain that without his support, encouragement, his knowledge and ability to make it all fun every single session, I would not have been able to make the changes that I have made. Thanks Rich for your tough love. You know how to make me sweat. Hiring Rich Pollock as my Personal Trainer was one of the best decisions I have made for my health and fitness. Thanks Rich”
– Julie Whitmore
Paso Robles, Client for almost 4 year
“I had found it really difficult to get motivated to exercise but knew I really needed to! Rich Pollock has listened to my needs and built our routine together around this. I put a lot of hours in at work and the last thing I want to do is work out but Rich always calls me up half an hour before our session and reminds me “IT’S TIME” to work out. With his enthusiasm, and his motivation, it is hard to say no. Thanks Rich, for keeping me motivated.”
– Renee West
Paso Robles, Client for over 3 ½ years
“I so enjoyed the years I was lucky enough to be trained by you. You made working out fun! I feel strong and fit thanks to your encouragement and expertise. Thank you very much!! I hope everything continues to go well for you.”
– Audrey Knight
Atascadero, Client for almost 4 years
“Dr. Kirk Hammond recommend me to see Rich Pollock to help me with all of my issues I was facing. To be honest I never liked working out. But Rich Pollock made it fun. After a month I looked forward to it. From the very being exercising with Rich I felt a lot better. My posture was greatly improving, I was losing weight and gaining muscle tone. I am so happy with Rich Pollock training me three times a week. With Rich Pollock you get more than just a Personal Trainer. You get a life coach. Rich has help my whole family with his words of wisdom and knowledge and with health and fitness. It is truly life changing what he does. If you are even thinking about Personal Training Life coaching I strongly recommend Rich Pollock in Paso Robles. He is motivating inspirational and pack with knowledge in the health and fitness industry. He WILL help you reach your goals and you too will enjoy working out with Rich Pollock.”
– Keyla Springe
Paso Robles , Client for over 7 years
“I’ve worked out on my own off and on for most of my life, but never really knew what to work on or how, or even if I was helping or hurting myself. Plus, with a part time job that requires that I stand all day and occasionally life heavy boxes, I needed more core strength. Finally, with a sore elbow, week back and very stiff shoulders, I came to Rich Pollock for help and advice on how to train. Since then, Rich has put me through a program that has vastly improve my strength, fitness and flexibility while carefully nursing my sore spots back to health. Even as I approach 60 years old, Rich has shown me that I can still be fit and trim. I weigh nearly the same as when I graduated from college. I would never have come this far on my own. So don’t ever think you’re too old and out of shape. Give Rich a try and you’ll thank yourself.”
– Larry Mathews
Atascadero, Client for over 3 years
“Exercise is not just about getting in to shape physically, but mentally too. Working with Rich has clearly helped me outline a plan for both, enabling me to set a routine and focus on my goals for my overall health and wellness. His extensive training, experience, and knowledge of the body’s physique, provides him the ability to personally design a workout that is best suited for your body type, giving you the best results in the shortest amount of time. His workouts are motivational, fun, and his positive demeanor promotes a “can do attitude!” I’m extremely happy with my results and look forward to each workout.At a deeper level, having access to a trainer like Rich has got me through a very difficult time. Late 2015, I was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer. The importance of maintaining my physical strength during this time has helped me tremendously; not only get through my chemotherapy treatments, but in keeping a positive outlook on my recovery. I consider Rich an important member of my healthcare team, providing positive reinforcement and reminding me each day that you can’t give up and you’ve got to keep moving. Survival! Strong body, strong mind!”
– April Garrett
Paso Robles , Client for almost 1 ½ years

60 - 69 Years old

“Rich Pollock is truly passionate about what he does. He lives and breathes fitness, nutrition and exercise. This not only makes him a unique and qualified personal trainer but it also starts rubbing off on you. Your life begins to change, you crave your work-outs, you think twice about the bacon and exercise becomes very important to you. Since I have been working out with Rich, which has been over six years, my body simply feels much firmer and healthier. It can be a bummer reaching your 50’s if you are not in shape! With Rich’s help, I can say, I weigh what I did in High School.”
– Cheryl Wieczorek
Paso Robles , Client for over 18 years
“I call him Dr. Rich. Whatever the ailment, and at 69 I’ve had plenty, Rich has a program for it. I have a long history of back problems including two back surgeries. Since training with Rich, over three years, I am literally pain free. After rotator cuff surgery Rich acted as my physical therapist. Rich’s secret is in strong joints and a strong core. Strong muscles are secondary. Fitness must feel good. Looks are secondary. Rich’s motto is “No Pain, No Cane”. Thank you, Rich.”
– Curtis Lockshaw
Paso Robles, Client for over 17 years
“I have never liked going to gyms, the work outs were boring and most of the time I didn’t understand how the machines worked or when to push myself etc……then along came Rich. I can’t say I like working out still to this day but I must admit I have no trouble leaving company at my house while I go and work out. It’s a necessary evil in a good way. I’ve always thought I was fit, never sat down, always on the move ~ until I starting working out with Rich. Whoa, was I kidding myself, I have never felt better, looked more FIT and been healthier. Now in my mid 50’s I understand the value of keeping fit and toned. I don’t want to be a hard body, just look the best I can in this one. I’m on the 100 year plan now. Working with Rich isn’t a gym/trainer experience it’s a life experience ~ he will “en-Rich” your life!”
– Sonja Lockshaw
Paso Robles , Client for almost 10 years
“I am pleased to recommend Rich Pollock to anyone considering a personal trainer. I have been working out with Rich for over 4 years and I am enjoying being in better shape and better health thanks to Rich’s efforts and interest. Being over 60 and a cancer survivor I have a renewed interest in my wellbeing that Rich champions in our workout regime and strategy. Rich has taken me from someone who hated working out to now looking forward to my sessions at Rich’s gym. He has guided me to where I now do over 25 exercises with Rich, completing about 1280 reps in an hour long workout. I honestly have Rich Pollock to thank for being in better shape now than I have been for decades.”
– John Crossland
Paso Robles, Client for over 10 years
“I wanted to take the next step in my fitness goals, so I started training with Rich Pollock as my Personal Trainer. Rich has made a big difference in my fitness level. He has helped me train for Kilimanjaro….a hike that is 19,341 ft above sea level. Rich really knows his stuff when it comes to exercising for various muscle groups, health, nutrition, injury prevention, and rehab. My strength, endurance and overall fitness, has greatly improved. I trust Rich to work me out hard without compromising safety. Safety comes first with Rich. I highly recommend Rich Pollock”
– Neeltje Crossland
Paso Robles , Client for 10 ½ years
“Getting Personal Training with Rich Pollock is more than a workout. It is for stress reduction. There are so many times when I wanted to cancel because I have so much to do, but when I show up, Rich guides me through my workouts and I get a lot done (Cardio, cable and free weight, balance exercises and stretches). When I leave I feel so much better knowing I did a killer workout. He knows just what I need to do, and in what order. I used to have shoulder issues and other aches and pains, but thanks to Rich, I am looking good and feeling less stressed.”
– Leslie Wyss
Paso Robles, Client for 9 ½ years
“Rich is both a source of inspiration and perspiration. He was there for me in my earliest day of recovery from a 6 month battle with cancer and patiently brought me back to the vigorous, healthy person I am today. Without his aid my recuperation would not have been nearly as successful or rapid. His diligent customization of my workout routine took me both mentally and physically from the weakest moment in my adult life to my strongest. He is a hero to me and the many others he coaches. The personal pride I feel from the results of his efforts give me increased confidence not to mention greater physical stamina and raw strength. I look forward to my weekly sessions with Rich with great anticipation knowing my day, my life and my body will be enriched”
– Justin Baldwin
Paso Robles, Client for over 8 years

“Rich Pollock is an amazing trainer. I started working out with Rich 7 years ago just after going through breast cancer treatment. He was very inspirational with a wealth of knowledge about nutrition as well as aerobic and weight training. My body was weak from surgery and chemo/radiation treatment and after Rich went over my personal goals, he designed a workout regiment that built up my strength, improved my posture and endurance. After each session, I always look forward to his stretches at the end of our vigorous workouts. Rich is a wonderful person whose positive attitude is contagious. We always have fun during our workouts which we all know are not always fun.”

– Debbie Baldwin
Templeton, Client for over 7 years
“Rich’s workouts are more than just a one hour session. These workouts are intended to last a life time. His interest and dedication to the individual is extended to beyond how much weight they lift. His talks about health and nutrition and personal life style choices are intended to last a lifetime. As a cancer survivor, I find these discussions to be as important as the exercise that I am doing.”
– Mitch Wyss
Paso Robles, Client for 7 ½ years
“I have been working out for 40 plus years, and the last 7 years with Mr. Rich Pollock. I recommend Mr. Pollock as a personal trainer without any reservations. I have found Rich to be the best personal trainer I have ever used. Besides being a very personable individual, he is a great motivator and very knowledgeable about the concepts of physical development. I feel I am in better shape now than I have ever been in my life. This allows me to keep up with my sons and grandsons, which is very important to me.”
– Larry Rechtfertig
Paso Robles, Client for 7 years
“I started my exercise program with Rich over 6 years ago after my first Granddaughter was born. I was having trouble lifting her in and out of her car seat and it just kept getting more and more difficult as she grew. Now I’m lifting and playing with 4 grandchildren and I thank Rich for helping me gain more strength and flexibility. Now I’m doing 30 different exercises in an hour with some cardio in between. Approximately 1280 reps with balance and stretching added, and I do this 2 to 3 times a week”
– Nancy Beckett
Paso Robles, Client for 8 years
“Rich Pollock worked with my daughter and the hole department at the Paso Robles fire department, many of North and South County Paramedics, EMT’s, friends, who where in excellent shape. Some of them have worked with Rich Pollock for up to 9 years and recommend him to me. Choosing Rich Pollock to help me with my Fitness and overall health conditioning needs was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I knew right away after speaking to him that he was the right Personal Trainer professional to get me to my goal. I’ve been so appreciative of his expertise; his ability to design a plan very specific to my needs; his sincerity; as well as his passion for what he does. He has helped me loose over 40 lbs, with his exercise routine and his Nutritional guidance. I look forward to each of my training sessions because I know I am going to be challenged and I have fun doing so. I enjoy the partnering up. The guys I partner with, and the continuous improvements that I’ve seen. I feel like Rich Pollock cares and has made it his goal to help me reach my goal, and for that I’m very grateful.”
– Mike Donovan
Paso Robles, Client for 4 years
“My wife, Nancy, and I have been training with Rich Pollock for nearly 4 years, twice a week. In that time, he helped Nancy through a bout of frozen shoulder. She now has full range of motion and all of her strength back. I had shoulder surgery some years ago and have had persistent issues ever since. Through Rich’s guidance and training, my shoulder is virtually pain free. Rich’s approach to weight training is to use lower weight and high repetitions. As muscles gradually strengthen, the weight increases while maintaining the high reps. This results in increased muscle strength without the risk of joint damage. Rich is very attentive during workouts and he tailors each routine to the specific needs (and health issues) of his clients. Nancy and I recommend Rich without any reservations”
– Owen And Nancy Balletto
Balletto Vineyrds Templeton, Clinet for 4 years

“Rich Pollock is my personal trainer and more accurately my life coach. I have been involved with quality trainers previously to Rich, but never before have I achieved the success that I have with Rich’s coaching. I am 67 years old and my friends all tell me I look years younger! I feel like 30! Thanks to Rich and his total personal consulting and workout program. I live in Los Osos, Ca and drive, as I have for the last 2 1/2 years, to Paso Robles twice a week for the most comprehensive workout I have ever experienced. I actually look forward to the hour workout and the results are amazing and incredibly gratifying! I will never give up my trainer! I have referred friends to Rich’s program and they also rave about their incredible results., I recommend Rich Pollock as a personal trainer and life coach. The experience is amazing. The results are stunning!”

– Madeline Moore
Los Oso, Client for over 4 years

70 - 95 Years old

“I would like to personally thank Rich Pollock for all the time and effort he has invested in our sessions. I consider Rich a true friend, a professional, and would definitely let anyone know if you’re looking to change your life and your health, then make that phone call and let Rich get you there. I have been working with Rich Pollock for over 10 years. I have used personal trainers on and off for over 27 years. Rich Pollock is the best trainer that I have come across; he is an “A.” He is careful, knowledgeable in both fitness and nutrition. Rich works hard to make sure my progress is at the right pace and his training gets results. He helps me focus, keeps changing my workout routines, makes working out fun and we have good laughs. Rich is reasonable, reliable, easy to work with, and very professional. I am now a very vigorous 80 year old. I look and feel in my sixties.”
– Bob Edmonds
Atascadero, Client for over 21 years
“After seeing the transformation that Rich Pollock did with my sister and my fellow EMT, Paramedic workers at different locations throughout the San Luis Obispo County. I decided I would train with him. What a great decision it was! Rich is an amazing personal trainer. Personally, I like how he mixes in his free weights, cable machines, and all his cardio routines into the training. I can rely on Rich Pollock to have an interesting, simple, and effective program ready when I train with him every week. I think it is rare that you get someone who is really good at what they do, but is also really friendly and personable. Rich will work with you based on your needs and abilities, push you to your limits, and probably make you laugh while you’re doing it. His program really makes me look forward to our sessions. I have been able to do over 70 plus men’s pushups and countless sit-ups. I enjoy partnering up with some of his other clients at times. It is more fun, makes the time go by quicker, and it is less expensive. There is only one person in the North County for Personal Training, that’s Rich Pollock at Just Fit Studio!”
– Dinah Lundbeck
Paso Robles, Client for over 20 years
“Rich Pollock is 100% dedicated to the health and well-being of his clients. He has over 21 years of experience and knowledge that he brings to each training session and is always enthusiastic and eager to help his clients in any way possible! Rich has been booking over 60 appointments a week for the past 7 years. Just Fit Studio is a great place to work out. It’s always clean and comfortable. I believe you couldn’t find another guy with his enthusiasm for helping you feel better and get in shape. For myself, I need accountability to stay true to a program and Rich certainly provides that. I look forward to all our workouts. I have met several of his clients and I have enjoyed partnering up. At 75 years old, I am in great shape thanks to Rich. He’s kept my weight in check over the years by all his advice on nutrition and supplements. I have also witnessed his many clients go through positive transformations. Thanks Rich for everything!”
– Rich Summers
Paso Robles , Client for over 20 years
“How can I expand on what the others have said? I can say that he has changed my life in that I was a sedentary person who did not care about doing workouts. It is not only his passion for helping myself and others to become fit but more over, it is his friendship and care and concern about helping me become physically better. I have lost over 50lbs. There are not a lot of people in the world who are as good as he is and I still like him even though he works the hell out of me and I love it. They just do not get any better!”
– Ron Denner
Paso Robles, Client for almost 9 years
“Along with the exercises, nutrition advice and proper use of the equipment, it is fun meeting other members of the Just Fit Studio. Rich Pollock challenges your ability at every workout, carefully advancing you to the next level. There is no routine. Rich mixes up the workouts with different exercises and equipment so it is always fresh. Along with regular training sessions semiweekly, Rich has been instrumental in motivating me to get regular cardio workouts daily on my own. Working out with Rich Pollock for 2 years at Just Fit Studio has been the best!”
Janie Alberts
Paso Robles, Client for 7 year
“I have enjoyed going to Rich’s training sessions for the past 2 years. After back surgery the Doctor wanted me to go to a physical therapist, but I opted to have Rich Pollock put me through sessions that are mild enough for post-surgery, but enough to get essential muscles moving and built up again. At 95 years, one hour with Rich Is superior to 10 hours with a physical therapist. My workouts are a little tough but not enough where I am getting sore or injured. We also work on my balance. Thanks Rich for getting me back into shape.”
– Bill Alberts
Paso Robles, Client for 7 years.
“I just want to thank you Rich, not only the Personal Training you have been helping me for 6 years, but all the extra things you did for me like, make my lunches, take care of my dog and all the extras you did for me on your free time. I understand that you can no longer come out this far due to being so busy in your business. You have helped me so much. I always looked forward to our workouts each time you came. You always made our workouts fun and even though you pushed me, it was always just what I needed. At 90 years old, I feel so much healthier and fit than I have for over 20 years. I have to say; I get a lot of compliments on my great arms, Thank you so very much! You have been a big help”
– Janet Halbey
Atascadero, Client for over 6 years
“Rich Pollock makes sure that each session is working at a high level while not putting yourself at risk. I have now been training with Rich Pollock just over 4 years and what a true inspiration he has been. I feel more confident about myself and my body now than I ever have. Every session with him is hard but very enjoyable and fun too. Rich has completely changed my attitude to exercise. He has encouraged me to push myself further each week, and already I feel more fit, have more energy, and can see results in the mirror. The one thing that I will miss, moving to Arizona, is I can’t take Rich Pollock with me. Thanks Rich for everything you have done for me.”
– Jim MacAllister
Paso Robles, Client for 4 years
“One thing I’ve learned over the years is that joining a health club does not guarantee fitness. At 73, my fitness goals are to be strong and flexible. Thanks to Rich’s personal training skills I’ve done just that. Rich focuses on his client’s needs by providing individually tailored routines together with strong encouragement and tips for a healthy lifestyle. With Rich’s oversight, I plan on being fit and healthy for years to come. Thanks Rich. I don’t know where I’d be without you”
– John Moss
Paso Robles , Client for 3 ½ years
“I have been working out with Rich Pollock for 3 years. I have always been active but welcomed introducing strength training to my other activities. A year ago, I was diagnosed with colon cancer and the treatment has included radiation, surgeries and extensive chemotherapy. I was forced to take a break from training for several months but when I experienced extreme fatigue I worked my way back to Rich’s sessions. Physical exercise is an important part of my cancer therapy and I think it’s key to improving one’s mood, self-esteem and body image. Starting out slowly, I soon progressed and my strength has returned. I recommend Rich’s workouts for everyone who wants to improve their health. Rich genuinely cares about his clients and he has constantly cheered me on in my health and fitness achievements, carefully monitoring my stamina and progress. His enthusiasm and professionalism is infectious and make workouts fun. Our focus is on health and he is a key reason I have a great attitude in dealing with my overall journey to complete wellness”
– Nan Moss
Paso Robles, client for 4 years
“After operations on both my shoulders and my knee, this old fart was impressed with how you kept a close eye on my progress, both with your computer data and your attention to my reactions to the exercises. While working out with you, the progress was amazing. I started out thinking I was doing all I could, then each and every session I did a little more. While not always fun, it was truly satisfying, especially with your constant encouragement. I regret not being able to keep up the improvements, but our business operations changed and forced me to abandon the obvious advantages of your workouts at Just Fit Studio.”
– George Perham
Paso Robles, Client for almost 3 years

“Being in my late 70’s, I was not sure a Personal Trainer would make a difference in getting me back in shape. When Rich Pollock started working me out twice a week, I was amazed how fast I got stronger and firmer all over. Rich not only works all my major muscle groups, he also works on my balance. Each workout was different, and I always had a great workout without ever being hurt and had fun at the same time. He knows what he is doing. Rich gave me balance exercises to do at home which helped my balance improve rather quickly. If you want to get results, call Rich Pollock at Just fit Studio in Paso Robles.”

– Ann Perham
Paso Robles, Client for almost 3 years
My workout experience with Rich Pollock has been Amazing. Never did I think I would look forward to exercising or be upset if I had to miss an appointment. The results have been worth my drive twice a week from Cambria. When I started, I could barely do a sit-up or lift 5lb weight. Rich was so patient and encouraging each step. I love how he keeps track of my progress each day so I could see my improvements. I was soon challenging myself to do better, getting stronger and healthier. I also appreciated how protected he was in making sure I didn’t injure myself. At 80 years old, this was so important. I am now in my second year of training, and I am able to do 60 sit-ups and lift 30lbs, two 15bs dumbbells in each hand 50 times. I did different exercises through my life but never achieved the results I have since working with Rich. I so appreciated what he has done for me.
– Virginia Umphrey
Cambria, Client for over 1 year
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