Personal Training

Before you begin your personal training program, you will be required to complete a detailed Health and Lifestyle questionnaire (PARQ) which will give a complete outline of your goals and physical activity readiness. It will indicate your present suitability to undertake a fitness appraisal and a graduated exercise program. In each category of training Rich Pollock employs various fitness combination’s including: aerobic fitness; anaerobic fitness; muscular endurance; muscular strength; power; flexibility and motor skills. Rich’s individual approach encourages commitment and success for everyone.

Benefits of having Rich Pollock as your Personal Trainer

  1. Proper exercise instruction to minimize risk of any injuries.
  2. Professional evaluation of lifting technique
  3. Appropriate selection of exercise for desired results
  4. Timely variation of exercise mode and intensity to optimize progression
  5. Inspiring motivation and support
  6. Schedule training appointments to provide regularity and accountability
  7. Nutritional advice and guidance to support and facilitate training
  8. Recommendations of safe and appropriate supplements.
  9. Regular fitness assessments
  10. All equipment is provided and Rich will even come to you.

Studies have clearly shown that people who work with a Certified Personal Trainer are 80 percent more likely to see the results they want.