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Personal Training

Before you begin your personal training program, you will be required to complete a detailed Health and Lifestyle questionnaire (PARQ) which will give a complete outline of your goals and physical activity readiness. It will indicate your present suitability to undertake a fitness appraisal and a graduated exercise program. In each category of training Rich Pollock employs various fitness combination’s including: aerobic fitness; anaerobic fitness; muscular endurance; muscular strength; power; flexibility and motor skills. Rich’s individual approach encourages commitment and success for everyone.

Benefits of having Rich Pollock as your Personal Trainer

  1. Proper exercise instruction to minimize risk of any injuries.
  2. Professional evaluation of lifting technique
  3. Appropriate selection of exercise for desired results
  4. Timely variation of exercise mode and intensity to optimize progression
  5. Inspiring motivation and support
  6. Schedule training appointments to provide regularity and accountability
  7. Nutritional advice and guidance to support and facilitate training
  8. Recommendations of safe and appropriate supplements.
  9. Regular fitness assessments
  10. All equipment is provided.
Studies have clearly shown that people who work with a Certified Personal Trainer are 80 percent more likely to see the results they want.

Fitness Testing

Listed below are the fitness tests that need to be done before you begin
working out at Just Fit Studio:

General Testing

General fitness is not just about looking good it is about your overall health and well-being. A healthy workout and a healthy diet can improve general appearance and looks from within, resulting in a healthier glowing skin, hair and nails. It can also prevent serious heart and organ failure.

Proper eating habits help to burn calories by boosting your metabolism. The process is further enhanced as you gain more lean muscle. In addition, your aerobic exercise program will burn fat and increase your metabolic rate. This is done either on equipment such as a spinning bike, treadmill, elliptical machine or stair master. The goal is to sustain aerobic activity for a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes to achieve 50% to 85 % of your maximum heart rate.

An individual diet and exercise program will be designed for you to enhance your weight and/or fat loss. Your current condition, goals, schedule and lifestyle are all taken into account when your program is being developed.

Richard Pollock encourages his clients over 40 years of age and at risk for coronary or circulatory disease to engage in systematic monitoring throughout their training. He will supervise the intensity and duration process of these programs, making sure that you are working with Damon target heart rate zones suitable to your age, weight and fitness condition.

Weight Loss Management

Eating right is a lifestyle choice which results in a balance of optimum health and weight. In a time where fad diets are all the rage it is important to understand the implications and consequences of not eating correctly. We each have different body types, biochemical makeup and genetic predispositions, so quite literally, “one man’s meat can be another man’s poison”. Complete elimination of whole food groups from our diet plans may produce short term gains but can be potentially harmful to our overall health. What you eat, when you eat and how much you eat are all key success factors to achieving optimum health and weight.

Nutritional Profiling

Understanding your diet is essential to your overall well being. Eating the right foods in the right amounts at the right times, produces optimum nutritional health and keeps you more in tune with what agrees with your body and most importantly, what does not. Eating the right foods facilitate weight loss and the maintenance of optimum weight. It also improves overall health by increasing energy levels, alertness and effective brain and body functions. It creates that just-feel-good factor. Based on your food diary provided by Just Fit Studio, which will track your eating and drinking patterns, recommendations will be offered to encourage a healthier lifestyle.


50+ Fitness

More and more people suffer from various ailments such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and asthma; all of which can be caused by the pressure of life, our environment and/or what we eat. The aging process and physical inactivity also contribute to these degenerative disease. Exercise is increasingly being promoted as an effective part of treatment since corrective application of exercise can in many cases help slow down, reverse and avoid re-occurrences of symptoms. With medical consent we can help you achieve your fitness objectives safely and effectively.


Semi Private Training

Most clients prefer training with another partner. Not only will you work harder but you will have more fun, laugh more and enjoy sharing interesting stories. Best of all the time goes by faster. Train with friends or colleagues or people with similar interests or personal goals. Semi private training is a great way to increase motivation, build team spirit and gain confidence while meeting new people. Couples enjoy the time more when working out together and supporting one another. Best of all, semi private training is less expensive than private sessions. Semi private sessions include up to two people. Sessions vary from specific muscle conditioning to large multi-joint compounds; strength training; low impact aerobics; circuit training; boxing drills as well as stretch and relaxation classes.


Stretching is an important aspect of fitness and can vary enormously from one person to another. Stretching lowers the risk of injury to most parts of your body, improves coordination, range of movement and posture and reduces soreness after exercise. As we get older we need to stretch more. Stretching is good for the muscles, connective tissue and joints. Progressive stretching routines to enhance your overall feeling of well-being is including in all of our sessions.

Injury Recovery

Clients with injuries are often required to supply a written physician’s clearance depending on the extent of the injury. Personal Fitness Trainers are not doctors and in most cases are not Physical Therapists. As a certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Rich can contribute significantly and uniquely to your recovery and rehabilitation effort. It is necessary that he coordinate your training and nutritional program with your Doctor, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Chiropractors, Special Nutritional Practitioner and/or alternative medicine health care providers.

During exercise focus should be on injury prevention. It can be painful without careful attention to exercise form. A balanced whole body approach should be taken to strengthen and build opposing muscle groups by gradually increasing workout intensity.

Strength Training

The best way to change your body shape is through strength training where the muscles get firmer and larger, giving you a more sculptured and toned body while increasing your muscular strength. Strength training needs to be combined with cardio vascular exercise in order to burn calories so you can achieve a sculptured body while maintaining high energy levels.


Before running a marathon/triathlon or participating in any intensive sport activity, the first thing you should do is make an appointment to see your doctor for an examination of any existing condition. Running a marathon is one of the most demanding and challenging events in sports. You must be mentally and physically prepared to perform. The following are the most common questions asked when training with runners:

Just Fit Studio can provide a specific program based on your ability and goals for running a marathon or triathlon. Your training needs will be determined to maximize your ability. Energy systems in your body will be examined and addressed so your body will be prepared to meet the challenges of an endurance race.

A marathon is exhausting and can be impossible to accomplish if the following mistakes are made:

Weight Gain/Body Building

Each person has a good idea of what kind of physique they want. You can specifically tone or build muscle in the exact areas you desire. Generally women want to tone while men want to build. However the results are basically the same process.

A toned body implies a lean body, one showing some muscle definition and shape. Building muscle is usually meant getting as much muscle as possible having a body builders look.

The same basic physical process is necessary whether you want to tone or build muscle or whether you want to shape particular body parts or increase strength. You will achieve any of these goals by a progress of resistance training.

Sports Nutrition

Daily eating habits and patterns have a big effect on performance. When you eat as an athlete and what you eat before an event or during an all day event can be critical. The right choices can give you that competitive advantage. The wrong choices can have detrimental effects on your performance. Supplying your body with the proper amounts of energy and fluids is critical. It is important that you eat the right foods several days before an event to charge up your muscles. Glycogen is a key energy source for your muscles during the toughest times of your sport activities. It is important your diet include it. Nutritional daily consumption advice and suggested meal plans are part of the Just Fit Studio Sports training program.

Corporate Services

Just Fit Studio offers many services for small and large businesses. There are many benefits to companies and their employees, tangible and intangible that results from executing employee health and fitness program. More businesses owners and operators have come to realize that by taking a proactive step to encourage and facilitate the health and fitness consciousness of their employees, they were effectively reducing the cost to the business that results from the ill health, absenteeism and stress, as well as consequently enhancing value through improved performance, productivity, employee integration and team-building, reduce staff turnover and overall commitment to being investors in their employees and even reduce their health insurance premiums for business owners in most cases.

In addition to personal training Just Fit Studio designs both home and commercial gyms and studios. Just Fit Studio will directly work with your general contractor. Knowing the right equipment and who to buy from with the properly layout for your gym will result in a more efficient space and will save you thousands of dollars in equipment cost.

Just Fit Studio has design gyms, studios, and home gyms. We have the experience to buy the right equipment, save you thousands, by knowing where to buy, and having the knowledge to get the best equipment for your business and personal needs.

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