Before running a marathon/triathlon or participating in any intensive sport activity, the first thing you should do is make an appointment to see your doctor for an examination of any existing condition. Running a marathon is one of the most demanding and challenging events in sports. You must be mentally and physically prepared to perform. The following are the most common questions asked when training with runners:

  • How many miles to run per week?
  • The intensity and volume of training and workouts?
  • Should you spend time working out with weights or train shortly with cardio?
  • How much recovery and rest time to allow between training?
  • Is your posture holding you back?
  • Are you breathing correctly?

Just Fit Studio can provide a specific program based on your ability and goals for running a marathon or triathlon. Your training needs will be determined to maximize your ability. Energy systems in your body will be examined and addressed so your body will be prepared to meet the challenges of an endurance race.

A marathon is exhausting and can be impossible to accomplish if the following mistakes are made:

  • Dehydration
  • Overloading body with water
  • Not properly trained
  • Eating the wrong foods before running
  • Not stretching correctly before and after
  • Breathing incorrectly
  • Not pacing correctly
  • Lack of motivation