70 - 95 Years old

“I would like to personally thank Rich Pollock for all the time and effort he has invested in our sessions. I consider Rich a true friend, a professional, and would definitely let anyone know if you’re looking to change your life and your health, then make that phone call and let Rich get you there. I have been working with Rich Pollock for over 10 years. I have used personal trainers on and off for over 27 years. Rich Pollock is the best trainer that I have come across; he is an “A.” He is careful, knowledgeable in both fitness and nutrition. Rich works hard to make sure my progress is at the right pace and his training gets results. He helps me focus, keeps changing my workout routines, makes working out fun and we have good laughs. Rich is reasonable, reliable, easy to work with, and very professional. I am now a very vigorous 80 year old. I look and feel in my sixties.”

–  Bob Edmonds
Atascadero, Client for over 21 years

“After seeing the transformation that Rich Pollock did with my sister and my fellow EMT, Paramedic workers at different locations throughout the San Luis Obispo County. I decided I would train with him. What a great decision it was! Rich is an amazing personal trainer. Personally, I like how he mixes in his free weights, cable machines, and all his cardio routines into the training. I can rely on Rich Pollock to have an interesting, simple, and effective program ready when I train with him every week. I think it is rare that you get someone who is really good at what they do, but is also really friendly and personable. Rich will work with you based on your needs and abilities, push you to your limits, and probably make you laugh while you’re doing it. His program really makes me look forward to our sessions. I have been able to do over 70 plus men’s pushups and countless sit-ups. I enjoy partnering up with some of his other clients at times. It is more fun, makes the time go by quicker, and it is less expensive. There is only one person in the North County for Personal Training, that’s Rich Pollock at Just Fit Studio!”

–  Dinah Lundbeck
Paso Robles, Client for over 20 years

“Rich Pollock is 100% dedicated to the health and well-being of his clients. He has over 21 years of experience and knowledge that he brings to each training session and is always enthusiastic and eager to help his clients in any way possible! Rich has been booking over 60 appointments a week for the past 7 years. Just Fit Studio is a great place to work out. It’s always clean and comfortable. I believe you couldn’t find another guy with his enthusiasm for helping you feel better and get in shape. For myself, I need accountability to stay true to a program and Rich certainly provides that. I look forward to all our workouts. I have met several of his clients and I have enjoyed partnering up. At 75 years old, I am in great shape thanks to Rich. He’s kept my weight in check over the years by all his advice on nutrition and supplements. I have also witnessed his many clients go through positive transformations. Thanks Rich for everything!”

–  Rich Summers
Paso Robles , Client for over 20 years

“How can I expand on what the others have said? I can say that he has changed my life in that I was a sedentary person who did not care about doing workouts. It is not only his passion for helping myself and others to become fit but more over, it is his friendship and care and concern about helping me become physically better. I have lost over 50lbs. There are not a lot of people in the world who are as good as he is and I still like him even though he works the hell out of me and I love it. They just do not get any better!”

–  Ron Denner
Paso Robles, Client for almost 9 years

“Along with the exercises, nutrition advice and proper use of the equipment, it is fun meeting other members of the Just Fit Studio. Rich Pollock challenges your ability at every workout, carefully advancing you to the next level. There is no routine. Rich mixes up the workouts with different exercises and equipment so it is always fresh. Along with regular training sessions semiweekly, Rich has been instrumental in motivating me to get regular cardio workouts daily on my own. Working out with Rich Pollock for 2 years at Just Fit Studio has been the best!”

Janie Alberts
Paso Robles, Client for 7 year

“I have enjoyed going to Rich’s training sessions for the past 2 years. After back surgery the Doctor wanted me to go to a physical therapist, but I opted to have Rich Pollock put me through sessions that are mild enough for post-surgery, but enough to get essential muscles moving and built up again. At 95 years, one hour with Rich Is superior to 10 hours with a physical therapist. My workouts are a little tough but not enough where I am getting sore or injured. We also work on my balance. Thanks Rich for getting me back into shape.”

–  Bill Alberts
Paso Robles, Client for 7 years.

“I just want to thank you Rich, not only the Personal Training you have been helping me for 6 years, but all the extra things you did for me like, make my lunches, take care of my dog and all the extras you did for me on your free time. I understand that you can no longer come out this far due to being so busy in your business. You have helped me so much. I always looked forward to our workouts each time you came. You always made our workouts fun and even though you pushed me, it was always just what I needed. At 90 years old, I feel so much healthier and fit than I have for over 20 years. I have to say; I get a lot of compliments on my great arms, Thank you so very much! You have been a big help”

–  Janet Halbey
Atascadero, Client for over 6 years

“Rich Pollock makes sure that each session is working at a high level while not putting yourself at risk. I have now been training with Rich Pollock just over 4 years and what a true inspiration he has been. I feel more confident about myself and my body now than I ever have. Every session with him is hard but very enjoyable and fun too. Rich has completely changed my attitude to exercise. He has encouraged me to push myself further each week, and already I feel more fit, have more energy, and can see results in the mirror. The one thing that I will miss, moving to Arizona, is I can’t take Rich Pollock with me. Thanks Rich for everything you have done for me.”

–  Jim MacAllister
Paso Robles, Client for 4 years

“One thing I’ve learned over the years is that joining a health club does not guarantee fitness. At 73, my fitness goals are to be strong and flexible. Thanks to Rich’s personal training skills I’ve done just that. Rich focuses on his client’s needs by providing individually tailored routines together with strong encouragement and tips for a healthy lifestyle. With Rich’s oversight, I plan on being fit and healthy for years to come. Thanks Rich. I don’t know where I’d be without you”

–  John Moss
Paso Robles , Client for 3 ½ years

“I have been working out with Rich Pollock for 3 years. I have always been active but welcomed introducing strength training to my other activities. A year ago, I was diagnosed with colon cancer and the treatment has included radiation, surgeries and extensive chemotherapy. I was forced to take a break from training for several months but when I experienced extreme fatigue I worked my way back to Rich’s sessions. Physical exercise is an important part of my cancer therapy and I think it’s key to improving one’s mood, self-esteem and body image. Starting out slowly, I soon progressed and my strength has returned. I recommend Rich’s workouts for everyone who wants to improve their health. Rich genuinely cares about his clients and he has constantly cheered me on in my health and fitness achievements, carefully monitoring my stamina and progress. His enthusiasm and professionalism is infectious and make workouts fun. Our focus is on health and he is a key reason I have a great attitude in dealing with my overall journey to complete wellness”

–  Nan Moss
Paso Robles, client for 4 years

“After operations on both my shoulders and my knee, this old fart was impressed with how you kept a close eye on my progress, both with your computer data and your attention to my reactions to the exercises. While working out with you, the progress was amazing. I started out thinking I was doing all I could, then each and every session I did a little more. While not always fun, it was truly satisfying, especially with your constant encouragement. I regret not being able to keep up the improvements, but our business operations changed and forced me to abandon the obvious advantages of your workouts at Just Fit Studio.”

–  George Perham
Paso Robles, Client for almost 3 years

“Being in my late 70’s, I was not sure a Personal Trainer would make a difference in getting me back in shape. When Rich Pollock started working me out twice a week, I was amazed how fast I got stronger and firmer all over. Rich not only works all my major muscle groups, he also works on my balance. Each workout was different, and I always had a great workout without ever being hurt and had fun at the same time. He knows what he is doing. Rich gave me balance exercises to do at home which helped my balance improve rather quickly. If you want to get results, call Rich Pollock at Just fit Studio in Paso Robles.”

–  Ann Perham
Paso Robles, Client for almost 3 years