60 - 69 Years old

“Rich Pollock is truly passionate about what he does. He lives and breathes fitness, nutrition and exercise. This not only makes him a unique and qualified personal trainer but it also starts rubbing off on you. Your life begins to change, you crave your work-outs, you think twice about the bacon and exercise becomes very important to you. Since I have been working out with Rich, which has been over six years, my body simply feels much firmer and healthier. It can be a bummer reaching your 50’s if you are not in shape! With Rich’s help, I can say, I weigh what I did in High School.”

–  Cheryl Wieczorek
Paso Robles , Client for over 18 years

“I call him Dr. Rich. Whatever the ailment, and at 69 I’ve had plenty, Rich has a program for it. I have a long history of back problems including two back surgeries. Since training with Rich, over three years, I am literally pain free. After rotator cuff surgery Rich acted as my physical therapist. Rich’s secret is in strong joints and a strong core. Strong muscles are secondary. Fitness must feel good. Looks are secondary. Rich’s motto is “No Pain, No Cane”. Thank you, Rich.”

–  Curtis Lockshaw
Paso Robles, Client for over 17 years

“I have never liked going to gyms, the work outs were boring and most of the time I didn’t understand how the machines worked or when to push myself etc……then along came Rich. I can’t say I like working out still to this day but I must admit I have no trouble leaving company at my house while I go and work out. It’s a necessary evil in a good way. I’ve always thought I was fit, never sat down, always on the move ~ until I starting working out with Rich. Whoa, was I kidding myself, I have never felt better, looked more FIT and been healthier. Now in my mid 50’s I understand the value of keeping fit and toned. I don’t want to be a hard body, just look the best I can in this one. I’m on the 100 year plan now. Working with Rich isn’t a gym/trainer experience it’s a life experience ~ he will “en-Rich” your life!”

–  Sonja Lockshaw
Paso Robles , Client for almost 10 years

“I am pleased to recommend Rich Pollock to anyone considering a personal trainer. I have been working out with Rich for over 4 years and I am enjoying being in better shape and better health thanks to Rich’s efforts and interest. Being over 60 and a cancer survivor I have a renewed interest in my wellbeing that Rich champions in our workout regime and strategy. Rich has taken me from someone who hated working out to now looking forward to my sessions at Rich’s gym. He has guided me to where I now do over 25 exercises with Rich, completing about 1280 reps in an hour long workout. I honestly have Rich Pollock to thank for being in better shape now than I have been for decades.”

–  John Crossland
Paso Robles, Client for over 10 years

“I wanted to take the next step in my fitness goals, so I started training with Rich Pollock as my Personal Trainer. Rich has made a big difference in my fitness level. He has helped me train for Kilimanjaro….a hike that is 19,341 ft above sea level. Rich really knows his stuff when it comes to exercising for various muscle groups, health, nutrition, injury prevention, and rehab. My strength, endurance and overall fitness, has greatly improved. I trust Rich to work me out hard without compromising safety. Safety comes first with Rich. I highly recommend Rich Pollock”

–  Neeltje Crossland
Paso Robles , Client for 10 ½ years

“Getting Personal Training with Rich Pollock is more than a workout. It is for stress reduction. There are so many times when I wanted to cancel because I have so much to do, but when I show up, Rich guides me through my workouts and I get a lot done (Cardio, cable and free weight, balance exercises and stretches). When I leave I feel so much better knowing I did a killer workout. He knows just what I need to do, and in what order. I used to have shoulder issues and other aches and pains, but thanks to Rich, I am looking good and feeling less stressed.”

–  Leslie Wyss
Paso Robles, Client for 9 ½ years

“Rich is both a source of inspiration and perspiration. He was there for me in my earliest day of recovery from a 6 month battle with cancer and patiently brought me back to the vigorous, healthy person I am today. Without his aid my recuperation would not have been nearly as successful or rapid. His diligent customization of my workout routine took me both mentally and physically from the weakest moment in my adult life to my strongest. He is a hero to me and the many others he coaches. The personal pride I feel from the results of his efforts give me increased confidence not to mention greater physical stamina and raw strength. I look forward to my weekly sessions with Rich with great anticipation knowing my day, my life and my body will be enriched”

–  Justin Baldwin
Paso Robles, Client for over 8 years

“Rich Pollock is an amazing trainer. I started working out with Rich 7 years ago just after going through breast cancer treatment. He was very inspirational with a wealth of knowledge about nutrition as well as aerobic and weight training. My body was weak from surgery and chemo/radiation treatment and after Rich went over my personal goals, he designed a workout regiment that built up my strength, improved my posture and endurance. After each session, I always look forward to his stretches at the end of our vigorous workouts. Rich is a wonderful person whose positive attitude is contagious. We always have fun during our workouts which we all know are not always fun.”

–  Debbie Baldwin
Templeton, Client for over 7 years

“Rich’s workouts are more than just a one hour session. These workouts are intended to last a life time. His interest and dedication to the individual is extended to beyond how much weight they lift. His talks about health and nutrition and personal life style choices are intended to last a lifetime. As a cancer survivor, I find these discussions to be as important as the exercise that I am doing.”

–  Mitch Wyss
Paso Robles, Client for 7 ½ years

“I have been working out for 40 plus years, and the last 7 years with Mr. Rich Pollock. I recommend Mr. Pollock as a personal trainer without any reservations. I have found Rich to be the best personal trainer I have ever used. Besides being a very personable individual, he is a great motivator and very knowledgeable about the concepts of physical development. I feel I am in better shape now than I have ever been in my life. This allows me to keep up with my sons and grandsons, which is very important to me.”

–  Larry Rechtfertig
Paso Robles, Client for 7 years

“I started my exercise program with Rich over 6 years ago after my first Granddaughter was born. I was having trouble lifting her in and out of her car seat and it just kept getting more and more difficult as she grew. Now I’m lifting and playing with 4 grandchildren and I thank Rich for helping me gain more strength and flexibility. Now I’m doing 30 different exercises in an hour with some cardio in between. Approximately 1280 reps with balance and stretching added, and I do this 2 to 3 times a week”

–  Nancy Beckett
Paso Robles, Client for 8 years

“Rich Pollock worked with my daughter and the hole department at the Paso Robles fire department, many of North and South County Paramedics, EMT’s, friends, who where in excellent shape. Some of them have worked with Rich Pollock for up to 9 years and recommend him to me. Choosing Rich Pollock to help me with my Fitness and overall health conditioning needs was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I knew right away after speaking to him that he was the right Personal Trainer professional to get me to my goal. I’ve been so appreciative of his expertise; his ability to design a plan very specific to my needs; his sincerity; as well as his passion for what he does. He has helped me loose over 40 lbs, with his exercise routine and his Nutritional guidance. I look forward to each of my training sessions because I know I am going to be challenged and I have fun doing so. I enjoy the partnering up. The guys I partner with, and the continuous improvements that I’ve seen. I feel like Rich Pollock cares and has made it his goal to help me reach my goal, and for that I’m very grateful.”

–  Mike Donovan
Paso Robles, Client for 4 years

“My wife, Nancy, and I have been training with Rich Pollock for nearly 4 years, twice a week. In that time, he helped Nancy through a bout of frozen shoulder. She now has full range of motion and all of her strength back. I had shoulder surgery some years ago and have had persistent issues ever since. Through Rich’s guidance and training, my shoulder is virtually pain free. Rich’s approach to weight training is to use lower weight and high repetitions. As muscles gradually strengthen, the weight increases while maintaining the high reps. This results in increased muscle strength without the risk of joint damage. Rich is very attentive during workouts and he tailors each routine to the specific needs (and health issues) of his clients. Nancy and I recommend Rich without any reservations”

–  Owen And Nancy Balletto
Balletto Vineyrds Templeton, Clinet for 4 years

“Rich Pollock is my personal trainer and more accurately my life coach. I have been involved with quality trainers previously to Rich, but never before have I achieved the success that I have with Rich’s coaching. I am 67 years old and my friends all tell me I look years younger! I feel like 30! Thanks to Rich and his total personal consulting and workout program. I live in Los Osos, Ca and drive, as I have for the last 2 1/2 years, to Paso Robles twice a week for the most comprehensive workout I have ever experienced. I actually look forward to the hour workout and the results are amazing and incredibly gratifying! I will never give up my trainer! I have referred friends to Rich’s program and they also rave about their incredible results., I recommend Rich Pollock as a personal trainer and life coach. The experience is amazing. The results are stunning!”

–  Madeline Moore
Los Oso, Client for over 4 years