30 - 49 Years old

“I was a little nervous when I first started training with Rich Pollock. I did not know what to expect, but Rich made working out fun and I did not feel intimidated working out with his other clients. In fact, I liked it. Rich says, I intimidated many of the men who first started working out. Probably because I can do 100 men’s push ups. I like doing the super circuit workout, or you can call it: ”Hour of Power”. Thanks Rich! The workouts have helped me more than just getting me into great shape.”

–  Serefina Madueno
Paso Robles, Client for 6 years

“Working out with Rich over the past few years has given me a different outlook on health and fitness. With an all encompassing program focused around muscle development and cardio health, nutrition, relaxation techniques, and stress management, Rich offers more than just “bulking up” advise. With motivation, humor and education, Rich provides an ideal environment for focusing on living a longer, more productive life. With a light hearted but serious approach, Rich pushes you to be a better, healthier person.”

–  Seth Engel
Paso Robles, Client for over 5 years

“Getting and staying in shape has been much easier these past few years thanks to Rich Pollock’s guided workouts. I usually work out early and I am half-awake during most training sessions, yet I can always count on Rich to assist me in reaching my goals. Having consistent scheduled times with a personal trainer helps tremendously in getting workouts in even when your motivation might be low. Everyone I have told about Rich Pollock seems to be enjoying their one hour Personal Training session”

–  Conor Medley
Paso Robles, Client for almost 3.5 years

“As a seasoned runner for the past 10 years, I have run 13 marathons, yet never had any formal upper body workout or had worked with weights before I met Rich. The gym always intimidated me. Rich talked me into training with him and I’m so glad I did. I’ve gained the strength and confidence to expand my activities to now include century bikes rides and triathlons. It used to be that after every running race I was plagued with some sort of injury – knee pain, sciatica, shin splints. I am happy to say that I have now been injury-free for almost a year and I contribute that to the weight training program Rich has put me on. He makes weight training fun and always puts me up to new challenges. Thanks for all your help Rich!”

–  Martina Kingman
Paso Robles, Client for almost 2 years

“Since Starting with Rich Pollock for personal training my transformation has been dramatic. Rich has increased my motivation for training and helped me achieve a lot of personal goals. I now look forward to my sessions at his Just Fit Studio. When I started training with Rich Pollock in April of 2002, I weighed 220 lbs and could barely finish a “warm-up mile” on the treadmill. My nutrition was so out-of-whack that I threw-up during our first session. Rich Pollock has zero judgment. He just told me what to eat and how to train. I love how he incorporates cardio, free weights, cable machines, and balance exercise for a total body workout.”

–  Karen Reese
Paso Robles, Client for 3 years

“I approached Rich Pollock for some advice on how to achieve my fitness goals. I was immediately struck by the highly knowledgeable and tailored advice that he offered, far different from what I had experienced before”. He has over 11 years experience as a Personal Trainer and books over 60 appointments a week. Rich Pollock helped me greatly to focus on my training sessions, incorporating both cardio exercises and compound weight routines so that my time in his studio was maximized, giving me the best all over body work out possible”. I would highly recommend Rich Pollock for personal training. He is 1) knowledgeable in health and fitness, 2)professional, 3)Friendly and 4) really committed to helping you achieve your goals”

–  Susan Hill
Atascadero, Client for 3 months

“Working out with Rich Pollock has kept me on a solid fitness routine for the past year. With all of the demands of a hectic work schedule, I always had two appointments a week on the calendar where I knew I would get a great workout. The environment he sets in his studio is not intimidating and he is always encouraging and positive. Not only has my body toned up, but I’ve been surprised at how much stronger I feel outside the gym. The core and back strengthening help alleviate some back and hip issues and help me keep better posture at work. I’m also able to confidently push myself further into an active lifestyle with stronger and more resilient muscles whether I’m just walking around town, biking or playing tennis. Thanks Rich!”

–  Karen Bell
Paso Robles, Client for almost a year and half

“With Rich’s positive attitude, insight to what my body needed and could handle, and hands on training for my body type and age, I began enjoying my work out sessions and the results that started to transpire. My friends also took notice to my increased stamina, physical changes and happier self that a couple even joined me in this journey with Rich. With two weeks before the big day, I not only love the way I look and feel I know I will continue this journey with Rich for years to come (especially now that I can do 63 “men’s” pushups in under a minute). The training Rich provided to me was originally for a specific goal but now by goal is much broader – being fit and healthy for life! Rich has the experience and dedication to his clients that all you need to do is bring the tools – yourself and a can do attitude – to also meet and exceed your goals whatever they may be.”

–  Vyra Olson Pacheco
Paso Robles , Client for over 3 years

“I have been training with Rich Pollock now for about a year. His commitment to understanding the nature of my goal paid off in his transition of my needs into an effective training program characterized by interest and variation. He challenged me on every workout while at the same time giving me a real sense of achievement. Training has always been goal orientated, initially to improve my general fitness in order to allow me to then train harder for my first 10k race. After the race we changed training to gain more muscle mass and Rich taught me how to lift really heavy weights safely which I enjoyed more that I ever thought I would. Having a personal trainer is a great way to keep motivated as well, as they act like a coach, constantly encouraging you and pushing you to do better.”

–  Steve Anderson
Paso Robles , Client for 1½ years

“I’ve been training with Rich for the last 5 months, and the results have been very positive. We work on strength training twice per week, and I include cardio sessions in between. Rich does a fantastic job at monitoring your progress, addressing any weak spots, and encouraging you to achieve your fitness goals. I feel as strong and healthy as ever, and I’m very impressed by how much we’ve accomplished in such short time!”

–  Juan Gonzalez
Paso Robles, Client for over 11 months

“Having just turned 41 and always inactive, I was complaining and moaning for the first few sessions. Somehow Rich inspired me to go past what I thought I could do. He isn’t overbearing, he doesn’t make you feel wussy, more importantly he makes the session fun because he loves what he does, and it shows. I am completely different. I’m not one of the athletes he works out with, but my energy level is beyond what I thought possible and I feel firm all over and my behind is looking amazing ..due to Rich’s Gluteus exercises” and lunges . Oh, but it works so well… Thank you, Rich!”

–  Maya Redding
Atascadero, Client for 6 months

“Living in Santa Maria, I have to travel an hour each way to train with Rich Pollock at his Studio.(Just Fit Studio.) But with Rich it is more than a workout. I have learned so much about nutrition and fitness. It is worth the drive. I started going to the gym a number of years ago but after an initial session with Rich, I quickly realized that I wasn’t getting the most out of it. Rich has taught me how to maximize my fitness levels, use the equipment properly (particularly the free weights) and to develop the right technique to get results. I have certainly seen a big improvement in myself in a couple of months. Rich is friendly and really encourages you to reach your goals. I would certainly recommend him. Having to move to Orange County, I can no longer see Rich.”

–  Patrick Schultz
Santa Maria, Client for 6 months

“I wanted to start working with a personal trainer so that I could build my strength up to be able to start running again. I had undergone surgery on my lower back and wanted to make sure that I was exercising correctly so as not to cause any further injuries. Being very cautious, I started working with Rich Pollock around 8 months after having surgery. The initial goal was to engage my core muscles again so that I could then start building on my strength. Rich was very encouraging and I was surprised at what I was still able to do. As the sessions progressed I started to notice that I had toned up areas that I had always struggled with in the past… like my arms and the tops of my thighs.”

–  Lisa Weber
San Louis Obispo, Client for over 6 months

“Working out, especially around other people, has always been something that I had avoided. When my friends approached me about working with Rich I was very nervous and avoided it for quite some time. After turning 30 and getting engaged I realized it was time to take my health more seriously. After my first workout with Rich I realized I had worried without reason. Rich was very understanding with me and made working out fun. He constantly works with me to customize the workout to help me get the most out of each session. After working out for two months, I have already doubled my strength and lost weight. I feel more energized and healthier”

–  Chris Jahns
San Louis Obispo, Client for over 3 months