19 - 29 Years old

“I feel that I am exercising a lot harder and more efficiently than I would ever do without Rich Pollock. To train with a Personal Trainer is probably the best way of exercising without wasting precious time, like so many other people in the gym. I won 1st place at Justin’s Paso Robles Hard Body contest, by just training with Rich Pollock 2 days a week. When I started with Rich I could only do a 40 lb Dumbbell Bench Press 20 times. In a short time I got up to pressing 100 lbs. 30 times and I have been doing 70 lbs. 20 times on my Military dumbbell presses just to name a few. Thanks Rich for helping to educate me on health and fitness.”

–  Raul Sanchez
Paso Robles, Client for Over 6 years

“At first I was intimidated by Rich Pollock. I do not speak very good English, and I have no experience with fitness training. But Rich made me feel very comfortable. He had no problems communicating with me, in what I had to do. In one month, I could see changes in my body that I have not seen before. I can hardly believe how much I can do now. I am strong, my cardio has improved greatly, I have more energy, and I feel fantastic. Working out with Rich has gave me more confidence knowing I can achieve anything, I put my mind to do. Thanks Rich for everything!”

–  Lorena Duron
Paso Robles, Client for 4 years 8 months

“Rich Pollock has helped me get three to four times stronger without bulking up and without compromising on safety. I love bike riding and I need to be strong, but do not need the extra body weight. I enjoy working out with Rich because he always comes up with new and challenging exercises. I won 1st place at Paso Robles Hard Body Contest in 2009. Having Rich as my Personal Trainer makes working out a pleasure rather than a chore. I look forward to our workouts.”

 –  Mike Giese
San Louis Obispo, Client for 3 years

“Never doing full body strength training I really did not know where to begin. Thanks to Rich Pollock expertise he executed a full body regimen. Rich keeps my form in check and records everything I am doing so he knows when to add weight and mix up the exercise routine so I don’t plateau. In less than a month I started to see my body changing, putting on muscle and losing body fat. Having a history of anxiety, workouts help relieved most of my anxiety. Also working out with Rich Pollock my workouts has helped my confidence, my energy levels and has helped my focus at work a lot more. My peers at Justin Winery notice right away and many of my coworkers started Training with Rich Pollock. Thanks Rich Pollock for your dedication and expertise.”

–  Rafael Flores
Paso Robles, Client for almost 3.5 years

“Before I started with Rich Pollock, I was going to the gym on and off for some time. My aim was to increase my fitness level. However, I was not getting the results I had hoped for. In a short time with Rich my strength increased so much in so little time I was amazed. I never thought I could lift as much as I do. I am spending less time with Rich then I did at the gym and I am getting much more results. Also I am getting a fuller body workout. He knows just what to do. I like how he mixes up his workouts. When we do the muscle burn outs, you can feel it for days. This is not for everyone. Having Rich as my Personal Trainer makes a difference.”

–  Jose Arrastio
Paso Robles, Client for almost 3 years

“It has been more of an enjoyment instead of a chore. Rich Pollock has helped in a non-invasive way and has treated me with respect. My fitness levels have increased and I look forward to my next session rather than dread it. The sessions Rich does are fun, motivating and productive. We do different programs and he pushes me to my limit. Although I am always a bit wiped out at the end of a session, I feel better for having such a good workout. I am very pleased with the program he has designed for me and how he guides and pushes me throughout every session. When you’re going to work out with Rich, be prepared to sweat!!” I have now lost over 40lbs”

–  Gloria Perez
Paso Robles, Client for almost 2 years

“I never worked out in my entire life until I started with Rich, just over a year ago. The most important thing that I have gained (besides awesome muscle tone!) is the confidence to get fit. I used to be too intimidated to go to a gym because I felt that I would stick out or feel out of place. Rich is kind and honest, He has helped give me the confidence and know-how to work out in any setting. In addition to achieving a more fit body, Rich’s healthy lifestyle tips, including nutrition and vitamin knowledge, have also contributed to my better all-around health. I get less sick and feel great every day. Thanks Rich!”

–  Laura Zolnoski
Paso Robles, Client for over 1 year

“Over this past year, working out with Rich, I have seen great improvements in not only my strength and physique but also in my endurance level and attitude in the workplace. I have seen more progress with Rich’s unique and specialized programs than anything else I have participated in. His enthusiasm makes it exciting and addicting to continually strive to exceed my previous records. I am planning on running a marathon at the end of this year and I know that with Rich’s help I will be able to complete my goal.”

–  Brian Connor
San Louis Obispo, Client for over a year

“When I first came to Rich I had no clue where to begin. Rich evaluated my personal goals and eating habits and created a special program that was customized for me. After an injury, that resulted in getting surgery on my elbow and left me with limited motion, he helped greatly in my physical therapy and range of motion that allowed me a successful recovery. Working out with Rich has made me more conscious of how I treat my body. His workouts and positive encouragement has given my body more definition than I have ever had and I feel so much better. With my wedding only 2 months away, I know I will continue to see amazing results! Thank you Rich!”

–  Nicole Gruber
San Luis Obisp, Client for 5 months